Manage the Start of the Customer Experience

Table Seating Management, Wait Listing, On-line Reservations, Guest Management, Customer Paging, Self Service

Improve Order Entry

Dynamic Screen & Item Programming, Fast Bar Design, Dynamic Menu Management, Mobile POS Devices, Left & Right Handed Input Option, Table Management, Tab Management, Two Touch Transactions, Item Countdown

Expedite Production

Production Monitors, Production Printers, Item Routing, Expediter Monitors, Expediter / Sell Printers,Timed Production for Items, Timed Production for Courses / Checks, Speed-of-Service System, Drink Recipes Displayed or Printed, Food Prep Instructions Displayed, Item Priority Display / Print, Send-n-Stay / On-the-Fly Features

Manage Product Delivery

Expediter Monitors, Expediter / Sell Printers, Kitchen Window Zone Management, Table Management, Seat Management, Server Paging, Delivery Management, Driver Management, Pick-up Bag / Container Management, Label Printing

Manage the End of the Customer Experience

Advanced Split Check Features, Credit Card Integration, Gift Card Integration, Pay-at-Table, EMV, Contactless Payment, Multi Tender Features, Loyalty, Dynamic Coupon / DiscountFeatures, Server Banking, Cashiering, Server Banking + Cashiering, Bar Code Scanning, Account Management.

Enhance & Support All Revenue Centers

On-line Ordering, Advance Orders, Take-out / Carry-out Mgmt, Delivery Mgmt, Banquet & Catering Management, Retail Features with Bar Code Scanning

Reward Customers & Entice More Visits

Loyalty Integration, Gift Card Integration, Guest Management, Account Management

Minimize Liability

EMV, Minimum Age Display, Exception Reporting, 16 Levels of User Privileges, Surveillance Integration, Cash Drawer Management. Features

Assist Employees

Tip Reporting, Team / Tip Share Features, Training Mode, Training Solutions, Individual Schedule Printing, Suggestive Selling, Employee Messaging, Display / Print Recipes, Multiple Check Cash out, Time Clock Management

Review Captured Data for Impactful Decisions

On-the-Fly Flash Reporting, Complete Desktop Reporting, Cloud Reporting, Enterprise Reporting

Minimize Costs Food Cost

Management, Ingredient / Raw Good Management, Labor Scheduling, Menu Item Countdown, Surveillance Integration, Match Beverages with Covers, Time Clock Management, Overtime Reporting

Maximize Sales

Suggestive Selling, Yield Reporting, On-line Ordering, Delivery Management, Speed-of-Service System, Guest Management, Integrated Loyalty, Table Seating with Reservations, Special Features with Automatic Happy Hour Type Tools, 99 Exclusive Menus, Take-out / Carry-out Management, Advanced Orders


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