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Simplify Recording of sales with cap retail software

Bar Code Scanning, Most Popular Non Bar Coded Item Buttons, Product Buttons, Item Lookup, Open Department Ringing, Ring up Items by Weight, Ring up Items by Dollar Amount, Price Checks, Automatic, Promotion Features, applications for PA Beer Distributors and most any store requirement including Gift, Apparel, Pools & Spas

Manage Customers

Customer Lookup, Track Customer Patronage, Charge to Account, Assign Specific Price Levels, Manage Retail and Wholesale Customers, Integrated Loyalty Program, Account Management

Payment Management

Credit Card Integration, Gift Card Integration, EMV, Contactless Payment, Charge to Account, Multi-Tender Features, Loyalty, Dynamic Coupon / Discount Features, WIC, EBT, Suspend Transaction Features, Layaway Features

Manage Inventory

Complete Integrated Inventory Mgmt Program, Quantity Management, Cost Management, Margin Management, Value Management, 
Department - Sub Department - Class Structure for Inventory, Ability to Link Inventory Items, Ability to place Inventory Items into a Kit, Ability to Group Like Items for Mix 'n Match Pricing, Apparel Management, Break Pack Management (including case, 12 pack, 6 pack, & each bottle / vessel management for PA Beer Distributors) 

Purchase Management

Complete Integrated Purchase Management Program, Link Items to Vendors, Purchase Order Creation, Order Items Based Upon Min & Max, Order Items Based Upon Historical Data, Order Items Arbitrarily, Multiple Vendor Feature

Reward Customers & Entice More Visits

Loyalty Integration, Gift Card Integration, Guest Management, Account Management

Minimize Liability

EMV, Exception Reporting, Clerks Privileges Programmed Individually , Surveillance Integration, Cash Drawer Management. Features

Assist Employees

Commission Management, Item Notes, Customer Notes, Price Checks, Tag / Label Design Program, Time Clock Management, Suggestive Selling

Review Captured Data for Impactful Decisions

On-the-Fly Flash Reporting, Relational Reporting Engine, Pennsylvania Beer Distributor 1014 Report

Minimize Costs

Inventory Management, Purchase Management, Time Clock Management, Thorough Sales / Vendor Reporting, Price Levels,
Surveillance Integration

Maximize Sales

Suggestive Selling, Yield Reporting, On-line Ordering, Clerk Sale Reporting, Customer Management, Integrated
Loyalty, Automatic Promotion Features


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