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Since its inception, Penn Center Systems has been providing and supporting NCR systems for independent grocery stores, supermarkets, and specialty food stores.  Assisted and unassisted solutions that improve customer service with accuracy, improved throughput, secure payment options, and self-service options. ENCOR is NCR's new comprehensive POS software and store management solution, expressly designed, enhanced and optimized for independent grocers and regional chains.

Building upon years of success and market leadership with ISS45, ScanMaster, ACS-IR, NCR distilled the best of these store-proven applications, then fused that superb front end with Advanced Back Office (ABO) to forge a solution of unprecedented power, polish and depth. 

ENCOR users will find it immediately comfortable. Top industrial designers painstakingly crafted ENCOR's sleek user interface, adapting refreshing screen concepts from already-familiar mobile technology to deliver ease and speed for cashiers and managers alike. 

Some things don't change: Merchants still stay on top by driving down operation costs and giving shoppers a great experience. With today's accelerating pace of change, achieving that demands agility, and ENCOR delivers with new omni-commerce and third-party connections. 

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