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Penn Center Systems partners with you to provide Point of Sale Technology, improving how you run your business to enhance revenues, profits, and the customer experience. 

In our fifth decade, we at Penn Center Systems have continually provided restaurateurs, grocers, and retailers with unmatched technology solutions.  There are some unwavering principals which have always guided our partnership with businesses, generating mutual success, that make a difference:  personal service, customized solutions, innovation, loyalty and trust.

When someone calls Penn Center Systems, they get a live person immediately to help assist them.  This is rare in business today, but it is how Penn Center Systems chooses to engage and respect our customers.  If an existing customer is calling, they are serviced by someone with personal knowledge of their organization, application, and environment.


When we meet with a business, we strive to learn as much as possible about them and their operation.  By doing so, we design and produce solutions that specifically address their unique operation, its challenges and objectives.  We find an expertly designed custom systems based on customer collaboration much more effective than the industry's emerging do-it-yourself strategy.

Many times, through a survey of an operation, we find that a special requirement needs to be created or integrated to satisfy an issue.  Penn Center Systems either creates a process or leverages the innovative software systems offered to find an answer.

Penn Center Systems is not only proud of the many longtime customer partnerships.  We are also very proud of our longtime relationships with our partners, vendors and employees.  These relationships do not happen by accident, but through genuine investment of time and successful customer engagement.

So, whether you have a restaurant, a grocery store, or a retail store; we invite you to CONTACT US to see a difference Penn Center Systems can make for your business.