Mobile Guest Payments Done Right... Solve EMV with PayMyTab Tableside Payments.

With PayMyTab and DinerIQ, you will finally have one solution that provides you with a branded mobile app, including pay from smartphone. A table side EMV solution that shifts the chargebacks back to the banks. A loyalty and email marketing program to reward your loyal guests and drive new guests in. All in one solution that is integrated into your POSiTouch or Dinerware system and your current merchant account.

TableUp is the only platform that creates a single touch point between guests and your restaurant. 


TableUp can seamlessly power your restaurant's host stand, loyalty program, online ordering, mobile app, gift cards, & mobile payments. All Integrated with your existing POSiTouch or Dinerware.

Grow Revenues with Cutting-Edge Technology. Online Ordering Can Grow Your Take-Out Business By As Much As 20%.

ToGo Technologies brings an affordable, business-building platform to help restaurants capture increased revenue brought about by the growth in mobile devices used by consumers.  Mobile - Friendly online ordering for: Take-out, Delivery, Catering, Order From The Table, Order My Usual. Customized to be consistent with your Restaurant Brand, ToGo lives on your website and Facebook home page. Online Ordering is accessible through any computer, mobile and tablet device. ToGo integrates with virtually any payment processor's Gateway or payment platforms as well as via Aggregated Settlement. Online orders are fully integrated with POSiTouch and Dinerware, with orders flowing through the POS and printing directly to the kitchen.